Revenue Based Loan

Banks denied your business loan request despite that your business generates steady revenue? You are not the alone. Plousio can help you to find the most competitive revenue based loan offers to boost your business working capital.

In a Nutshell

As the credit underwriting criteria tightens up with traditional banks and credit unions, fewer and fewer small business owners can obtain funding through these sources. A revenue based advance is an alternative financing solution designed for business owners who generate revenue but cannot obtain funding from traditional sources. Business owners in this situation can still obtain funding by selling a percentage of their future revenue to the financing companies.

Loan Amount

Up to $500K

Interest Rate

As low as 10%


Up to 2 years

Funding Time

As little as 48 hours

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • No collateral required
  • Fast approval and funding
  • Flexible credit score requirement
  • Flexible repayment term


  • Higher cost than other funding options
  • Daily or weekly payment reduces short term future cash flow

What Does It Take?

As you might know all loan products have minimum requirements to qualify. Knowing them in advance can significantly improve your chances of being approved and getting the funding that your business needs to grow. Have questions? Don’t worry, our team and our service can help you prepare your loan application and get you a great deal.

  • Monthy Sales: $8,000/month
  • Time in Business: 12 month
  • Drivers license
  • Voided business check
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Bank statement (3 ~ 6 months)
  • Business tax returns (2 years)
  • Balance sheet
  • Personal tax returns (2 years)

How Does Plousio Work?

Plousio makes it easy to find a great small business loan with the most competitive rates. Simply answer a few questions, select a lender and fill out our account creation form and you’ll start receiving new offers right away! With 3 easy steps, you can get your death care business funded!

Step #1: Apply online or call 1-508-848-0534

Step #2: Receive the most competitive offers

Step #3: Get funded within 24 ~ 48 hours


Typically, revenue based loan lenders look for more established businesses to lend money to because they want to ensure that the businesses have the future revenue to support the repayments. It is easier for the lenders to determine any with more established business during the underwriting process.

The fund you obtain from revenue based loan can be used to any purpose. Most small business owners use the fund to pay vendors, make payroll, or purchase inventory.

A steady of business revenue stream is what the revenue based lenders pays the most attention to during the underwriting process. Most of the lenders would require the company to show profitability and no bankruptcies filed in the last 7 years.

Revenue based loan is a factoring financing option. If you accept a $10,000 revenue based loan offer with 1.14 factor and 6-month payment term, you would be obligated to pay $11,400 back to the lender within 6 month, which means that you would be paying 14% interest in just 6 month. Some of the lenders might require a processing fee.

Plousio is a marketplace which brings together 70+ lenders to complete for your business loan request, so you can be sure that you are getting the most competitive offers available anywhere.

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Contact a Plousio Funding Adviser Today

If you need help with determining your funding eligibility or preparing application and documents, please contact our funding adviser today. Plousio funding advisers pride themselves in transparency and non-aggressive communication practices. They are not here to make sales quotas, instead, focus on helping you every step along the way of your funding process. In the unlikely event, you do not think that Plousio is the right solution for you, just let us know – No problem! We promise we wont be calling you 5 times a day like some other companies do.

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