The Funding Engine that Powers Small Businesses

What is Plousio?

Plousio /p-loo-si-o/ is a financial technology company with great good old fashion customer service, and it powers the operation and growth of small businesses by making the borrowing process more efficient and painless. How does Plousio do that? Plousio builds the largest online lending marketplace with technology that automates the funding application and underwriting process with 70+ (and still growing) direct lenders participating in the Plousio Lending Network. Although we are a technology company, we still understand the importance of human connection. When you need support, we will make sure that you are connected directly to one of our associates rather than turning you to a machine.

Plousio Core Value

Be the Knowledge Source

We are here to support and educate small business owners in their funding options. We are not here to make a sales but provide insight and share knowledge.

Push the Boundary

Plousio does not settle with the norms. We are here to push limits in all directions.We will challenge everything that is obsolete and inefficient.

Total Ownership

Plousio demands everyone of its associates to own the outcome and performance of the company. Everyone is accountable for the service quality and operational excellence.

Time is the Enemy

Time is not the luxury that small business owners have, and Plousio understands that. We respond and push forward all initiatives in the most timely fashion.

Be Unconventional

Plousio is a company that well blends technology and  financial services. We are not the typical suites and ties, but we are also not the new age computer nerds neither.

Have a Lot of Fun

We work hard to serve our customers, we also have fun at work. We have fun eating, drinking, and establishing friendship in this company.

How Does Plousio Work?

Plousio makes it easy to find a great small business loan with the most competitive rates. Simply answer a few questions, select a lender and fill out our account creation form and you’ll start receiving new offers right away! With 3 easy steps, you can get your death care business funded!

Step #1: Apply online or call 1-508-848-0534

Step #2: Receive the most competitive offers

Step #3: Get funded within 24 ~ 48 hours

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Why Plousio?

When 70+ lenders compete for your funding request, you win! Plousio is the largest lending marketplace for small businesses. With 70+ direct lenders in the network, you can be sure that you are getting the most competitive funding offers available anywhere. Plousio lenders fund faster and more!

Massive Lender Network

70+ lenders with 10 different funding options fulfilling your funding needs.

Multiple Funding Options

10 different funding options from term loans to equipment finance.

Flexible Requirements

Unlike banks, Plousio lenders don’t ask you to have 700+ credit scores.

Fast Process

From application to funding. What takes banks weeks would only take us days.

Competitive Offers

When lenders compete, you can get the most competitive offers available.

Expert Advice

Our expert funding adviser will guide you every step along the way.

What Are the Requirements?

Transparency is what we pride ourselves with. That’s why we always want to set the right expectation for our customers. As you might have already known, all loan products have minimum requirements to qualify. Knowing them in advance can significantly improve your chances of being approved and getting the funding that your business needs to grow. Have questions? Don’t worry, our team of funding adviser can help you to prepare your application that gets you the best offers.


  • Monthy Sales: $10,000/month
  • Majority owner(s) must be U.S. citizen(s)
  • Most Recent 6 Month of Bank statements
  • Time in Business: 12 month

The People Behind Plousio

Alex Chang, Founder & CEO

Alex founded Plousio with the ambition to build a loved and respected company. Alex has a background in product operation with fortune 500 companies in high-tech and ecommerce sectors, including EMC and Staples. Alex is responsible for Plousio’s corporate development, marketing strategy, and institution relationship. Alex holds an MBA from Babson College, the #1 ranking entrepreneurship program in United States.

Alan Hamlyn, CTO

Alan is a veteran technologist and serial entrepreneur who founded various software development companies in United Kingdom including Market Me Suite in 2009 (the company was later relocated to Cambridge, MA) where he served as CTO for five years and built a highly-scalable technology serving over 80,000 small businesses resulting in a successful exit of the company in 2014 when the company was acquired by LocalVox in New York.

Francis Pierre, Director of Funding Operation

With 10+ years of experience in small business funding and commercial real estate, Francis brings strong domain knowledge in small business financing and customer service to Plousio. As Director of Funding Operation, Francis resumes responsibilities in setting the highest service standard for the entire Plousio funding team. He also oversees company’s strategic partnership efforts making sure that Plousio continuously onboards and curates the most reputable lenders and referral partners that can benefit the Plousio SMB community.

Geoffrey Palmer, Corporate Development Adviser

Geoffrey is a successful serial entrepreneur with extraordinary track of records and thirty years of experience in operation, marketing, and product development. Geoffrey has served as corporate development adviser for Plousio since 2016 and has actively advise the company on management, marketing, and investor relation. Geoffrey co-founded, built and sold four companies, including: On The Spot System, Inc. (acquired by Press Ganey Associates in 2013), WHERE, Inc. (acquired by eBay/PayPal in 2011), (acquired by Tenet Healthcare in 2002, and Information Marketing Business, Inc. (acquired by Simplex Time Recorder Company in 1997).

Ahu Chhapgar, Technology Adviser

Ahu is a technology veteran who has more than a decade of experience with digital payment giants, including Paypal and MasterCard. As the technology adviser of Plousio, Ahu provides both technology and managerial advice to the company. Ahu current serves as SVP of digital payment technology for MasterCard managing a team of 300+ people and leading product and mobile development for MasterCard’s digital wallet. He also lead product development for MasterCard’s developer platform that exposes MasterCard API’s to third party developers.

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