Building a Loved & Respected Company

Plousio is the largest lending marketplace for small businesses. We constantly grow and curate the Plousio lender network, so the borrowers can be sure that they are getting the most competitive offers available anywhere from our platform. Our proprietary loan matching engine facilitate and automate the loan application processes to provide seamless borrowing experience. We believe that by providing the business owners with options and supports for their funding needs, we are not only adding values to the small business owners but also the lenders and our partners.

Plousio brings top notch customer support, cutting-edge technology, and transparent operation together to continuously change and improve the small business lending ecosystem, so the small business owners can have the capitals they need to keep on running and growing their businesses.

Plousio Core Value

Be the Knowledge Source

We are here to support and educate small business owners in their funding options. We are not here to make a sales but provide insight and share knowledge.

Push the Boundary

Plousio does not settle with the norms. We are here to push limits in all directions.We will challenge everything that is obsolete and inefficient.

Total Ownership

Plousio demands everyone of its associates to own the outcome and performance of the company. Everyone is accountable for the service quality and operational excellence.

Time is the Enemy

Time is not the luxury that small business owners have, and Plousio understands that. We respond and push forward all initiatives in the most timely fashion.

Be Unconventional

Plousio is a company that well blends technology and  financial services. We are not the typical suites and ties, but we are also not the new age computer nerds neither.

Have a Lot of Fun

We at Plousio work hard to serve our customers, we also have fun at work. We have fun eating, drinking, and establishing friendship in this company.

Why Join Plousio?

People is the greatest asset to Plousio. We look for every possible way to make working for Plousio an exciting and rewarding experience.

 Work with Intelligent People

Work with Intelligent People

 Company Outing & Event

Company Outing & Event

 Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours

 Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

Open Positions

Business Development

Connecting dots among people and companies that want to make a difference



Building technology to improve small business lending experience



Holding the highest standard in compliance and transparency



Advocating and raising awareness for a different kind of borrowing experience



Deliverying enjoyable and successful experience to clients



Combining academic success with real-world experience